Best Microdermabrasion Machine


Looking for the best Microdermabrasion Machine? You’re in the right place. Today we are going to talk about microdermabrasion and which machines you can find on the market.

What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a skin-exfoliation technique that is very common these days. Compared to other more invasive resurfacing approaches, microdermabrasion has the benefits of low risk and fast recovery. Microdermabrasion is used to make a person’s skin cleaner, lighter, and more even tone. Microdermabrasion can help to stimulate collagen development, resulting in skin rejuvenation. After the age spots are gone from your face, it may appear younger and brighter. It deals with the dullness in your complexion and even out your skin tone. It removes age spots, wrinkles and clears up acne scars. It also helps fight melasma; it is a condition that forms dark patches on the skin.

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment. The professional uses a tool to spray tiny crystals onto the skin, gently exfoliating the top layer and scraping it. The goal of this procedure is to make your skin look younger. Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive treatment that improves the overall color and texture of the skin. Sun injury, aging, blemishes, age spots, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and other skin-related problems can all be treated with this procedure. This process is suitable for every skin type and skin-related conditions. It makes slight modifications to the skin without creating scarring or changing the color of the skin. It’s ineffective for more severe issues like wounds, stretch marks, wrinkles, or painful acne scars. An individual may need between 5 and 16 treatments by a skin care specialist before experiencing optimal results.

Microdermabrasion Machine: How Does it Work?

It’s better to talk to a skincare specialist about your skin problems to see if microdermabrasion is right for you or not. Any previous surgical treatments, allergies, and medical issues should be discussed before the treatment. Avoid unnecessary sun exposer, skin tanning products, or extreme exfoliating creams. It’s also a brilliant idea to avoid using exfoliating creams and masks three days before the procedure. Before the process, wash all makeup and cleanse your skin to remove any makeup residue or dirt.

Microdermabrasion is a one-hour treatment that takes place in the office. It’s usually done by a certified skin care specialist or a medical professional. Microdermabrasion does not require the use of anesthesia. Microdermabrasion is a procedure in which tiny crystals are sprayed onto the skin to carefully scrape the skin’s top layer. Since this procedure is less intrusive than dermabrasion, no anesthesia is needed. It’s simply a skin exfoliation and enhancement process that helps the skin appear smoother and more transparent.

Best Microdermabrasion Machines: Our Picks

PMD Personal Microderm Pro 

Personal Microderm PRO is a groundbreaking at-home product that produces the same remarkable results as advanced microdermabrasion procedures in the clinic. It is an at-home microdermabrasion tool that comes with an entire kit for your face and body. After that, apply toner and moisturizer. You can use this device once every 6-7 days. Do not forget to apply toner and moisturizer for optimum results. This product provides the high and low-speed option, and its vacuum help achieves younger-looking skin. Successful microdermabrasion relies on perfectly calibrated vacuum suction. Suction improves circulation and activates the skin’s natural healing mechanism, boosting collagen and elastin production and keeping skin clean and flawless. Skincare agents will reach deeper until this layer is eliminated, enhancing the advantages of skincare. The skin would be lighter, smoother, and more beautiful. PMD Personal Microderm Classic – At-Home Microdermabrasion Machine with Kit for Face & Body – Exfoliating Crystals and Vacuum Suction for Fresh and Radiant Skin – Berry: Premium Beauty


  • It improves the visibility of lines and wrinkles by smoothing and evening skin tone, reducing blemishes, and softening skin texture.
  • Fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and pores are minimized with weekly sessions.
  • Vacuum Suction improves the skin for a more youthful appearance.
  • It exfoliates away dead, dull skin cells to expose healthy, radiant skin.


  • It is expensive and does not provide intense exfoliation like other devices available in the market.
  • It is not possible to use during a power out. 
  • Discs wear out more quickly; however, new discs are readily available at extremely low prices. 

Diamondbuff Microdermabrasion Exfoliation Tool

The DIAMONDBUFF Patented Microdermabrasion, a high-quality stainless-steel tool, ensures professional results at home. It safely exfoliates the face and clears the top layers of dead skin cells. After only one application, you’ll notice shiny, smooth skin and tighter skin. The Diamondbuff softly exfoliates the skin, scraping the top layer of dead skin cells and leaving it feeling cleansed and revived. You can use it on a dry face or damp. Rub the device back and forth in repetitive movements while applying gentle pressure. DIAMONDBUFF Microdermabrasion Exfoliation Tool – At Home Professional Facial Diamond Microdermabrasion for Glowing Youthful Skin!: Beauty


  • It promises to give younger-looking skin, minimize fine lines, treat acne scars and hyperpigmentation, even out skin tone, and repair sun-damaged skin.
  • The important thing is you don’t have to buy replacement parts every month. Once you order this fantastic device, you can enjoy the spa-like home treatment.
  • It is easy to use and very effective. You will see a significant difference in no time.


  • It is a comparatively small device, and it will take you a lot of time to do your whole face.

PMD Personal Microderm Classic

This groundbreaking at-home technology delivers the same excellent outcomes as a qualified in-office microdermabrasion procedure. This fantastic tool removes the outer layer of the skin, making it look smooth and young. It also helps the skincare product to better absorb into the skin. The diamond buff buffs away some dead skin by rubbing hard against the face. This substance is beneficial for helping the skin around the lips. Follow the instruction on the back of the product for the best results. You can use this product 2-3 times a week. Make sure that you are using it the right way and following all the instructions on the back. PMD Personal Microderm Pro – At-Home Microdermabrasion Machine with Kit for Face & Body – Exfoliating Crystals and Vacuum Suction for Fresh and Radiant Skin – High & Low Speed Options – Berry: Premium Beauty


  • It removes dead skin cells, dirt, and pollution from your face.
  • It is beneficial for people who suffer from large pores. Constant use of this miracle tool will help you get rid of large pores.
  • It also works well for people who have wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines.
  • It is lightweight, and it can be used for both the face and body.


  • Your skin may appear a little red after the fort use.
  • It can be a bit pricy.

Appolus Premium Diamond Microdermabrasion Device

Appolus Diamond Microderm is a high-end home device that gives you gorgeous healthy skin. It’s made of high-quality components for a Spa-like experience. This product is your biggest ally in the battle against skin flaws and symptoms of aging. Microdermabrasion Machine – Appolus Premium Diamond Microdermabrasion Device – 3 Diamond Tips – 6 Heads Kit – Blackhead Remover Vacuum Tool – Lines Wrinkles Minimizer: Beauty


  • This high-end professional tool helps you exfoliate your skin. It fights acne scars, pigmentation, sun-damaged skin, uneven skin tone, or any other imperfection.
  • It has a diamond-infused tip that helps with exfoliation and removing the dead skin cells.
  • The vacuum suction helps to extract oils, dirt, and any other pollutant from the skin.
  • It also improves skin collagen production, which results in younger-looking skin.


  • This device will not work for stretch marks and extreme acne.
  • It will need a new diamond tip every year.

KENDAL Professional Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine HB-SF01

This Kendal microdermabrasion machine was created to smooth your skin and give it a youthful glow. It performs a non-invasive skin resurfacing technique by using diamond tips to exfoliate away dead cells from the skin’s surface. Then the vacuum/suctioning removes dust, debris, and dead skin. KENDAL Professional Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine HB-SF01: Beauty


  • It is very easy to use and durable.
  • This kit comes with various diamond heads, which allow exfoliations from different parts of the body.
  • It comes with 360 extra filters, and it can be used for any skin type.


  • It is a little bit expensive, so get ready to spend some money on this holy grail product.
  • It offers only one year of warranty.

Final Verdict

Microdermabrasion is a technique that is used to improve the appearance of the skin. The goal is to make a person’s skin texture and color more even and smooth. It usually takes a few sessions, during which a professional uses a small instrument to strip the surface of the skin. Microdermabrasion is widely used to reduce the noticeable symptoms of aging or to remove acne marks. While the treatment is effective and safe, it does have the potential to cause side effects. Pain, tickling, inflammation, and heightened exposure to sunlight are some of the common symptoms.