Find the median, first quartile, third quartile, and interquartile range of the data. 40,33,37,54,41,34,27,39,35

Accepted Solution

Answer:Median=37First quartile=33.5Third quartile=40.5Inter-quartile range=7Range=27Step-by-step explanation:The given data set is ;40,33,37,54,41,34,27,39,35We arrange the data set in ascending order to obtain;{27,33,34,35,37,39,40,41,54}The median is the middle number {37}First quartile is the median of the lower half of the ascending set.{27,33,34,35}[tex]Q_1=\frac{33+34}{2}=33.5[/tex]The third quartile is the median of the upper half of the ascending set.{39,40,41,54}[tex]Q_3=\frac{40+41}{2}=40.5[/tex]The inter-quartile range is the the third quartile minus the first quartile.[tex]IQR=Q_3-Q_1=40.5-33.5=7[/tex]The range is the maximum value minus the least value.Range=54-27=27