(Please show all work) 1). Solve x- y/7=2 for y2). If the first term of a sequence is 8 and the tenth term is 53, what is thecommon difference?3). Write the equation of a line that passes through( 6,4) and is parallel to y=1/2x+8

Accepted Solution

1. You can solve this problem like you would any other equation:x-(y/7)=2*Subtract x from both sides*-y/7=2-x*Multiply both sides by 7*-y=14-7x*Divide both sides by -1*y=7x-142. This is the same as finding the slope.  The equation for slope is (y2-y1)/(x1-x2).(53-8)/(10-1)45/953. The general formula for a linear equation is y=mx+b, where m is the slope and b is the y-intercept.  The slope will remain the same because the lines are parallel.  To solve for b, plug in the given coordinates:4=0.5(6)+b4=3+b*Subtract 3 from both sides*1=bThe equation is y=1/2+1Hope this helps!!