Ray UW is the angle bisector of AngleVUT. Three lines extend from point U. They are lines U V, U W, and U T.If mAngleVUW = (4x + 6)° and mAngleWUT = (6x – 10)°, what is the measure of AngleWUT?32°38°48°76°

Accepted Solution

Answer:AngleWUT =38°, option 2Step-by-step explanation:We have three rays passing through U. A ray is set extend in one direction with one fixed point. We have UW ray bisecting VUT.As the ray bisects the angle between VUW and WUT would be same .Given angles are (4x+6)° and (6x-10)°.As these angles are equal [tex]4x+6=6x-10[/tex][tex]2x=16[/tex][tex]x=8[/tex]AngleWUT = (6x – 10)°and x is 8 so on substituting AngleWUT =38°.